My own ode to our local star.

The sun has always been a fascination, not only for myself but for most people in general and throughout our human history. Its unrivalled luminescence, the massive storms on its surface, the density of its mass – our sun is a meeting of extremes. But in the same time, it is the stimulant for all activity on our own planet, the ultimate source of energy. And so, in many beliefs and religions, the sun is worshipped as the patron of all life. Still, one direct look at its body – the origin of its light and our devotion – will dazzle or blind you. Is it this duplicity that captivates us, longing to embrace the sun’s incandescence to the point of being blinded in our animated gaze? With Fosfeen I’ve tried to invoke this delicate balance between the beauty of the light and the blinding capacity of its brightness.

daniel de bruin fosfeen