A designer of prototypical machines, devices and tools.

Daniël De Bruin lives and works in Utrecht and Soesterberg (NL) where he unfolds an international design practice of prototypical machines, devices and tools. He studied at the HKU, University of the Arts in Utrecht
His practice is inspired by a deep-rooted, constant curiosity for the functioning and construction of machines and apparatus; regarding both the marvel of their technical aspects and their impact on our lives and surroundings. This attitude was furthermore activated by a ten-year- long engagement as a model maker: a lengthy period of precise and mostly manual activity. There, he experienced the benefits of supportive automation and, in the same time, recognized the absolute necessity of a dedicated human involvement within the processes of creation.

Considering these incentives, the works of Daniël De Bruin become prototypes – materialized suggestions for new machines, devices and tools. They are alternative mechanical constructions that deliberately re-increase the interaction between man and machine. And so, they challenge our understanding of mechanization and question an increasingly automated environment. Daniël De Bruin does this in an imaginative, ingenious and often humorous way and, as such, he adds playful yet constructive thoughts for an ever more hybrid future. As a consequence of his motives and ambitions, and in favor of the overall qualities of the works, Daniël De Bruin collaborates with partners and experts in technology, mechanics, sciences, arts and design. His practice is likewise characterized by a personal and experimental approach, where every new idea or observation leads to another plan or concept. His studio is his preferred habitat. Feel free to bring him a visit to learn more about his projects and his methods.

Daniel posts often video’s of his processes and workshop on Youtube and Instagram


You can contact Daniel at: