The World's first mechanical 3d printer.

I’m quite familiar with 3D printing. And I’m willing to recognize its benefits: how it allows me to create products ever more swiftly and efficiently. How it lessens the toil. I even believe it’s a bonus for the ways we compose our surroundings. Still, I often feel left out – it’s rather an emotion than a fact. Are these printed products still mine? Or are they merely a result of this new technology? I have the urge to reclaim my authorship, to reduce this sense of alienation.
So, I decided to rebuild the machine and to alter its configuration. From now on, I will have to power the mechanism physically. And, by adding the force of my body as the only source of energy for the process, I am able to re-establish my relationship with its outcome. The products finally seem to be mine again – or at least the result of an equipollent collaboration.