Inspired by the Moniac (Monetary National Income Analogue Computer), built by Bill Philips in 1949, I developed the MONIAC installation for Economia festival


For the idea and the construction of Moniac, I was inspired by another Moniac – some analogue computer built by Bill Philips in 1949. He used it to model the workings of an economy with fluid logic, very ingenious. You can find it easily through Google – call it a tribute if you like.
My Moniac, developed for the Economia Festival, is an analogue installation as well, inviting visitors to play with the economic system. The installation can be operated by up to four people simultaneously, spending and earning money; a simulation of the financial system, visualised by migratory metal balls. It’s fun too, like a real game.
To get things started – to set the machine in motion – one of the associates should physically activate the cash flow; adding a bodily dimension to a system that became nearly entirely virtual. To earn money, one can choose to work longer or harder, to invest, to speculate on the stock market or even decide to gamble. If one wants to spend that hard-earned money, he can do so by the purchase of candy. But, of course, prices may fluctuate

The collaboration between Baltan Laboratories and Daniel de Bruin is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

The MONIAC is available to rent. Please can ask for more information if you are interested.

MONIAC by DANIELDEBRUIN _ try your luck on the stockmarket MONIAC by DANIELDEBRUIN _ Spending the profit MONIAC by DANIELDEBRUIN _ being an entrepreneur MONIAC by DANIELDEBRUIN - overview machine

Video by moredanthings
Actors: Guus van Beers & Fleur Van Daal
Voice over: Dom Hoff
Color grading: Thomas van Kalmthout
Music: moredanthings & Telescope Music –